Transitions In UX Design

Transitions In UX Design

Transitions In UX Design

Designers at Valencia-based start up Closca design have made a meaningful first impression with the debut of Closca Fuga, an urban bicycle helmet that resolves the unfortunate clash between self-protection and self-expression. The clever design, a result of the company’s collaboration with the renowned Polytechnic University of Valencia and Culdesac, is made of 3 rings hinged together for a light, portable, and compact alternative to the traditionally cumbersome style. On top of its unprecedented convenience, Fuga has made a fashion accessory for commuters from what was previously an annoyance and compromise to personal style – unless the subject is a “Tour de France refugee.”

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City riders need this simple precaution when on their way to work, to run errands, and to meet with friends; Closca has made it so that the necessity of a helmet can be fluidly incorporated into your routine and your look without weighing you down or spoiling your style. The perfectly minimal design is available in a range of materials and simple colors to suit a variety of tastes, with interchangeable accessories like visors, aviator-style ear flaps, and woolen caps to keep you looking your best. While a large part of Closca’s focus was on the aesthetic, Fuga is safety certified just like its overtly utilitarian counterparts, with fibreglass reinforced EPS, a multisize elastic system for optimal fit, and ventilation for superior air flow. It comes as no surprise that the Indiegogo project – created a mere two days ago – has already met it’s $20,000 goal. Read more, watch the video, or contribute now to claim your own.

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